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I haven’t written about Holo before, which is strange as it is one of the projects I have followed since 2017. Is it exciting? You bet.

So I have decided to do a series of introductory blogs which sort of follow my journey with Holo since I started. See this series as an explanation for the lay person. As a result I will sometimes oversimplify the technical details. The aim is to get a sense of the concepts across rather than provide a detailed framework. This is not a “how-to” but in telling some of the stories it might provide some of this.

So enough of the justifications for everything I will get wrong, let’s get going.

The Holo Prefix 

Holo can be quite confusing as there are many things that have the Holo prefix, so probably a few definitions might be a good place to start. I’ll cover most of these in their own articles later in the series.


This is the protocol, or software that enables the whole thing to function. It is an agent-centric distributed platform that uses cryptography for security but, unlike Ethereum, doesn’t require all apps to run on all nodes. Basically, lots of people host the network and the apps store the data on a selection of them, so like hosting a Bitcoin Node but not having to host all the transactions, just the ones you are interested in. 


This is an implementation of the Holochain that is global and public. It provides end users with a Holochain network on which to store their data and run processes as part of hApps (Holochain Apps). The network is provided, in the first instance, by users that have invested in HoloPorts which not only allow them to run their own apps but to share spare capacity with others who want to use the network but don’t have their own HoloPort. Longer term you will be able to create a Holo node on other hardware. 


When a HoloPort owner shares resources with others then they get rewarded with HoloFuel. This is the currency of the Holo network. If you want to use someone elses resources you pay for it in HoloFuel.

Holo Token (HOT)

Not to be confused with HoloFuel, this was the Ethereum ERC20 token that was issued as part of the Holo ICO in 2018. This is funding for the development of the HoloChain protocol and the Holo network. It is uncertain what the future is for HOT, but it will be able to be exchanged for HoloFuel on a one-for-one basis for the first 6 months after the Holo network goes live. 

Now we are on the way. No promises on the frequency but I’ll try my best. I’ll re-edit this page to include links to the articles. If you want to be notified when a new article follow me on Twitter or follow the r/Holochain subreddit [ok not this subreddit, the mods don’t like me posting this link there – rules or something]

In the meantime, here are some useful links.

Holochain White Paper

Holo Green Paper

Holochain Website

This is not financial advice.
In the interests of transparency I hold $HOT
and own a HoloPort+.
Hopefully this article will help you DYOR.


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