Over the parapet

This site is/will be a mixture of comment, a set of book marks so I can find what I am looking for and massive brain dump – a lot will be stripped straight out of my Evernote.

Some will be answers to questions raised by people I know; some where my interest takes me; sometimes just so I can find things later.

As a result it’s likely to be a bit random and chaotic, maybe I’ll put some structure to it later, probably not.

Pages and posts will be updated as I find out more, better understand the topic or, more likely, am corrected by those who know better.Maybe because I think of something else to say – the number of times I have updated this first post beggars belief.

This will be slow burn as I’ll make some attempt to rewrite my scribbled notes.

While blockchain is my main theme here at the moment there will probably be spin outs to AI and other topics that take my fancy. The target is somewhere between a basic introduction and technical detail – but as a developer as well as a business owner, I might slip into the technical area more often than I should.

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One thought on “Over the parapet

  1. Have been investing in GBTC:US and BTL since December 2016 and they have done OK, particularly GBTC. Have not yet acquired a digital wallet or bought crypto currencies direct and am now on a steep learning curve. I hope Urban Cohort will help me on the way.

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