Getting to grips with Gems Alpha  (see our intro here) have released their alpha product to the World and can be accessed here

First things first you will need Metamask installed. Then as this is a test implementation link your Metamask to the Ropsten test network – that’s where your sample earnings will be stored.

First page is pretty simple: a slide show of 3 slides telling you about Gems and a Start button:

Click “Start” and it will tell you to log in with Metamask, so click the Metamask icon on the browser tool bar  and click “Sign” and you’ll be logged in and shown a list of sample tasks.

Click “Join” and you will be presented with a maths problem and a warning that no real Gems will be earned  (mind you if I could something for the sample tasks I’d be here all day ☺). When I first tried this I got an error at this point, told them and it was fixed very quickly – great response!

Once in you are assigned your first task – mine was calculate 0 – 4 (is this different for everyone?)

 Once you have you submitted the answer the Total Pending increments and once validated you get a the opportunity to undertake another task.

This is a very clean implementation and if they can keep the simplicity it will be an amazing application. They obviously have a very clear vision of where they want this to go, hopefully it doesn’t get cloudy. Sometimes you use an application and even in the early stages it just feels well constructed and this is the case here. From one dev to those on the Gem team well done!

It will be great to see some samples of more complex tasks. I look forward to following this project.

Gem Alpha:

Gems website:

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