Coins for good causes

The Blockchain is in the process of transforming how a lot of business and interaction is done and the advent of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have fundamentally changed the way that new tech can raise money to fund development as sell as democratise (or is that personalise) early phase investment.

These two changes also provide a way for social and ecological enterprises to pursue their goals. So while you are making your ticket to the Moon, there is also a way to maybe put a little into some of these to help out.

Here are a few coins that look to do some good.

 Carbon Coin2 website link Twitter link Exchange
 Now this is an interesting one. It’s been around for a while now (Feb 2014) and aimed to fund the planting of millions of trees. But all is about to change! (another article on this coming soon). Traded on YoBit1
The Root Project2 website link Twitter link start time image
The Root Project aims to “Restructure Capitalism End Extreme Poverty”. It claims to be the World’s first effectively tax-subsidised cryptocurrency. It’s not traded yet, but the ICO starts September 5th 2017 ICO.
Humaniq website link Twitter link Exchange
Empowering 3.5 Billion People in the world economy. A simple and secure mobile app, delivering financial inclusion solutions to the 2.5 billion unbanked / 1 billion underbanked globally. Traded on YoBit1, Bittrex 
 Climate Coin website link Twitter link start time image
 With its ICO launching on October 23rd the aim is to provide a blockchain green eco system and used to invest in companies and projects that create real solutions to mitigate Climate change

1 links which contain affiliate codes    2 I hold coins in these

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