Epic – Private, fungible cryptocurrency

Epic Cash is a new crypto currency which aims to unlock human potential by connecting individuals to the global market. Fast, virtually free to use, and open to all. Here’s what Max Freeman had to say when we had a chat.

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Pascal Coin: an introduction

Pascal Coin – deletable blockchain, very fast, 0 confirmation (and free) transactions, simple account numbers, no ICO, no pre-mine …. what’s not to like? Pascal Coin ($PASC) is not a Bitcoin clone. It is not a fork from Bitcoin. It has been written from the ground up in Pascal, yes you heard me right. This […]

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At the Consensus NY conference, there was a protest by Bankers Against Bitcoin! We wouldn’t expect less. Here they are More than a few people have shared this. As might be expected the reactions have been quite extreme, like “this makes me really angry. I hope all banks go bankrupt”. This is a lesson in […]

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Cove Identity ICO

Update: Cove Identity have delayed their ICO, see: https://medium.com/coveidentity/we-are-delaying-our-ico-e85120997cdf Cove Identity published it’s white paper this week and their token pre-sale kicks off on September 21st. Cove Identity looks after your identity by providing a secure store for your digitised documents and a scheme to provide verification both of their integrity and validity. What seems unusual […]

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Crypto Coin Analysis Reports

Two questions seem to go together: where do I find out about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and how do I know which ones to invest in? I cover the first one in Finding ICOs. Which ones to invest in is a harder one to answer. You should of course do a lot of your own […]

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Finding ICOs – a list

One question I keep getting asked is where do I find out about ICOs. Some I hear about them in Telegram and WhatsApp channels I’m subscribed to and from a few Facebook groups I am a member of. These are usually good sources as the person highlighting them is likely to have done some research […]

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Over the parapet

This site is/will be a mixture of comment, a set of book marks so I can find what I am looking for and massive brain dump – a lot will be stripped straight out of my Evernote. Some will be answers to questions raised by people I know; some where my interest takes me; sometimes […]

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