Epic – Private, fungible cryptocurrency

Epic Cash is a new crypto currency which aims to unlock human potential by connecting individuals to the global market. Fast, virtually free to use, and open to all. Here’s what Max Freeman had to say when we had a chat.

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Getting to grips with Gems Alpha

Gems.org  (see our intro here) have released their alpha product to the World and can be accessed here http://portal.gems.org/login. First things first you will need Metamask installed. Then as this is a test implementation link your Metamask to the Ropsten test network – that’s where your sample earnings will be stored. First page is pretty simple: a […]

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Mechanical Turk and the Blockchain

The original Mechanical Turk was a fake chess playing automaton from the 18th century – a mechanical illusion that allowed a chess master to hide inside the machine1. The term has more lately come to mean a service that can be used to place small tasks which require human intelligence (a major use is for […]

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Coins for good causes

The Blockchain is in the process of transforming how a lot of business and interaction is done and the advent of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have fundamentally changed the way that new tech can raise money to fund development as sell as democratise (or is that personalise) early phase investment. These two changes also provide […]

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