How safe is my Bitcoin? Miroslav Vegh answers some questions

In a WhatsApp chat the discussion turned to how secure your Bitcoin is (ok, so there was a bet involved in there somewhere) and Miroslav Vegh of Diligio chipped in and I thought, who better to give us an overview on this subject. Hi Miroslav,  thanks for spending some time with me on this. I […]

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Pascal Coin: an introduction

Pascal Coin – deletable blockchain, very fast, 0 confirmation (and free) transactions, simple account numbers, no ICO, no pre-mine …. what’s not to like? Pascal Coin ($PASC) is not a Bitcoin clone. It is not a fork from Bitcoin. It has been written from the ground up in Pascal, yes you heard me right. This […]

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At the Consensus NY conference, there was a protest by Bankers Against Bitcoin! We wouldn’t expect less. Here they are More than a few people have shared this. As might be expected the reactions have been quite extreme, like “this makes me really angry. I hope all banks go bankrupt”. This is a lesson in […]

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Mechanical Turk and the Blockchain

The original Mechanical Turk was a fake chess playing automaton from the 18th century – a mechanical illusion that allowed a chess master to hide inside the machine1. The term has more lately come to mean a service that can be used to place small tasks which require human intelligence (a major use is for […]

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