Crypto Coin Analysis Reports

Two questions seem to go together: where do I find out about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and how do I know which ones to invest in?

I cover the first one in Finding ICOs.

Which ones to invest in is a harder one to answer. You should of course do a lot of your own research to establish whether you like what the project does and offers to the extent that you are happy to invest some real money into it.

However, there are just so many ICOs kicking off these days that there probably really isn’t time to investigate them all – you probably have a day job to hold down until those coins take you to the moon, right?

So it is good to have some filtering in place. If you want to do all your own research then you can limit it to projects that cover areas you have some knowledge in. Alternatively you can use review sites to narrow your search. Here are the ones I use, make sure you read their process of evaluation so you understand what you are looking at.

 Crush Crypto website link Twitter link
Analysis by Victor Lai of selected ICOs. Provides a simple rating simple for both flipping and long term potential. You can download a do it yourself ICO analysis sheet.
 ICO Bench website link Twitter link  
Well categorised list let’s you select the type of projects you’re interested in. Provides a top line score for each reviewed ICO scaled 1 – 5.
 ICO Rating website link Twitter link
A very straightforward list with links to an ICOs twitter, facebook, website et al. Shows all the top line info you need as well as a simple rating system (high/medium/low) for risk, hype and investment potential. There is an overall rating for ICOs that have been assessed more deeply.
Smith + Crown website link Twitter link
Simple list but contains a quick look at the attributes of the ICO such as whether the raise amount is auditable, it has detailed founder identities, whether it is closed to US citizens and others.
 Unbiased ICO Ratings website link Twitter link
 Provides a score out of 10. Unbiased ICO Reviews is operated by Zirra.



Finding ICOs – a list

One question I keep getting asked is where do I find out about ICOs. Some I hear about them in Telegram and WhatsApp channels I’m subscribed to and from a few Facebook groups I am a member of. These are usually good sources as the person highlighting them is likely to have done some research first.

There are however some lists on line that provide a really good starting point. These are my go to ones to see if anything interesting is coming up.

ICO Alert website link Twitter link
Clean layout in date order – great to see what is coming up
Top ICO List website link Twitter link
this is split between active ICOs, those coming up and the ones that have finished.
Tokenmarket ICO Calendar website link Twitter link
 a simple and easy to scroll listing
ICO Checker website link Twitter link
a good listing but large icons and fancy countdowns make it not so easy for a quick trawl
Smith & Crown website link Twitter link
Simple, easy to use list with a straightforward description, start and end dates, and a key to the attributes of the ICO ( Auditable Raise Amount  Detailed Founder Identities  New Blockchain  Project Code Available  Sale Barred to U.S. Participants)
CoinGecko (beta) website link Twitter link
A straigtforward listing with links straight to supporting info for each ICO such as web, whitepaper, twitter, Slack, Telegram etc.
ICO Index website link Twitter link
This isn’t the largest list, but it has two sections that are both worth checking out suspicious and scam ICOs. Click on ‘Details’ to see the reasoning.




Over the parapet

This site is/will be a mixture of comment, a set of book marks so I can find what I am looking for and massive brain dump – a lot will be stripped straight out of my Evernote.

Some will be answers to questions raised by people I know; some where my interest takes me; sometimes just so I can find things later.

As a result it’s likely to be a bit random and chaotic, maybe I’ll put some structure to it later, probably not.

Pages and posts will be updated as I find out more, better understand the topic or, more likely, am corrected by those who know better.Maybe because I think of something else to say – the number of times I have updated this first post beggars belief.

This will be slow burn as I’ll make some attempt to rewrite my scribbled notes.

While blockchain is my main theme here at the moment there will probably be spin outs to AI and other topics that take my fancy. The target is somewhere between a basic introduction and technical detail – but as a developer as well as a business owner, I might slip into the technical area more often than I should.

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