How safe is my Bitcoin? Miroslav Vegh answers some questions

In a WhatsApp chat the discussion turned to how secure your Bitcoin is (ok, so there was a bet involved in there somewhere) and Miroslav Vegh of Diligio chipped in and I thought, who better to give us an overview on this subject. Hi Miroslav,  thanks for spending some time with me on this. I […]

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Pascal Coin: an introduction

Pascal Coin – deletable blockchain, very fast, 0 confirmation (and free) transactions, simple account numbers, no ICO, no pre-mine …. what’s not to like? Pascal Coin ($PASC) is not a Bitcoin clone. It is not a fork from Bitcoin. It has been written from the ground up in Pascal, yes you heard me right. This […]

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DYOR, sure.

At the Consensus NY conference there was a protest by Bankers Against Bitcoin! Here they are This has been shared a lot and the reactions quite extreme, like “this makes me really angry. I hope all banks go bankrupt”. People read the headline and didn’t visit the site where they would have seen that this is […]

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Getting to grips with Gems Alpha  (see our intro here) have released their alpha product to the World and can be accessed here First things first you will need Metamask installed. Then as this is a test implementation link your Metamask to the Ropsten test network – that’s where your sample earnings will be stored. First page is pretty simple: a […]

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Mechanical Turk and the Blockchain

The original Mechanical Turk was a fake chess playing automaton from the 18th century – a mechanical illusion that allowed a chess master to hide inside the machine1. The term has more lately come to mean a service that can be used to place small tasks which require human intelligence (a major use is for […]

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